Laurence Belbin

My work is about light, colour, reflection and atmosphere. The motifs I choose to paint are selected for the sole purpose of expressing the sensation of light, the atmosphere and or the colour. Colour can play tricks on you. It is not always what it seems. If you can place the right colours next to each other you can make them seem brighter or duller than they are.


I have an obsession with water. When I paint water, unless there is bright sunlight bouncing around, I concentrate more on the qualities of the reflection and the surface than the brilliance of the sunlight. My river paintings tend to be more about depth of reflection and the way the colours and tones alter when reflected. My sea paintings focus on the movement and the light. I love to paint snow.. more water! Unfortunately here in Dorset we don’t have much but when it does snow I’m out in it all day every day. I feel snow is for children and artists!


The sensation I aim to achieve is that rather than paint a picture of light, I paint an illusion of the light itself. I want the painting to give the viewer the sensation that the painting is the light source and that the longer one looks, the brighter it is perceived. I want the viewer to feel as if they are there in the picture, hearing the sounds and feeling the sun just as I do whilst painting. I am always trying to find ways of painting the feelings I get when stood in front of my subject, this means adjusting colours and tones to achieve the effect I want. I look at ways to simplify shapes and brushwork.


I have noticed that my work has changed quite considerably in my eyes over the years I’ve been painting. It’s a continual process to move my work on and evolve and develop as an artist. I believe ‘honestly’ is the way to paint. Only you, the painter, would know that what you have produced is truthful and painted with feeling. 

Winter Landscape Section I
Dorset Evening
Towards Exmoor
Lizard Sunlight
Shropshire Blue
Winter Wood
Autumn Landscape Section I